Oberlin College

Econ 491, Honors Program in Economics:  Fa20, Sp21, Fa23, Sp24

Econ 409, Institutions & Development Seminar  (syllabus):  Sp17, Sp18, Sp19, Sp20, Fa21, Sp22

Econ 310, Economic Development in Latin America (syllabus): Fa20

Econ 309, Advanced Development Economics (syllabus): Fa18

Econ 251, Intermediate Macroeconomics (syllabus): Sp22, Sp24

Econ 210, Economic History of Latin America (syllabus): Fa23

Econ 209, Economic Development (syllabus): Fa16, Fa17

Econ 102, Principles of Economics with Calculus: Fa18

Econ 101, Principles of Economics (syllabus): Fa16, Spr17, Fa17, Sp18, Fa18, Fa20, Sp21, Fa21, Sp22

Vassar College

Econ 320, Labor Economics (syllabus): Fa14

Columbia University

Econ S1105, Principles of Economics: Su15, Su14

Oberlin College Economics Department | 10 N Professor Street, Oberlin, OH 44074